A stud farm with history


Learn more about the stud farm in Rădăuţi and read something about the thrilling over 300-year history of the stallion breeding in Suceava.


''the horse is the noblest conquest of humankind''


( Graf de Buffon )


The stud farm Rădăuţi known nationally and internationally with a great history and fame. The stud farm stands out due to his natural and social excellent environmental conditions and specialized experts. The growth promotes the horse passion in a progressive way, in the support and education of horses and emphatic.


Horses for sale in Romania

Would you like to experience about our internationally successful breeding and be been interested by himself more for one of our horses? We would be pleased, very pleased about your enquiry and like to give more information.


Awards and Trophys



The quality horses at stud farm Rădăuţi was and is proved by the results of competitions and contests riding home and international:

-first place at horse competition from Tripoli (Libya 1977)

-third place obtained by sport coach Petru Roşca with horse Derbyst at olympiad in Moscow with representatives of Romania's national horsemanship for dressage test.